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Your poop wants to tell you something

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 31-03-2014 21:20 | Category: Health

Dutch Digestive Foundation (Maag Lever Darm Stichting): Your poop wants to tell you something

Your poop can tell you what you have been eating, but it also shows if something seriously wrong is happening, for example colon cancer.
Therefore, the turd in this commercial makes a long trip back to the sender. For a good talk. Because it is the sender’s birthday and he became fifty. And then begin the risk years for colon cancer.

The campaign is from the Dutch Digestive Foundation (MLD Stichting). It includes this TV-apot and a campaign website: yourpoop.nl.

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AIDS Foundation introduces #dutchkiss

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 10-02-2014 11:30 | Category: Gender issues, Health

AIDS Foundation introduces #dutchkiss

Worldwide, only one in ten gay men access to information about HIV, HIV testing and treatment. Their health is threatened by anti-gay laws and stigmatisation while this group has an increased risk.
Therefore, the Dutch Aids Foundation introduces the #dutchkiss in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The international symbol for tolerance, love and the right to free choice of partners.

Aids Foundation: “This Valentine, let’s fight intolerance with love! If you too believe love is a fundamental right for everyone. And every person may choose who they love.”

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Am I an addict?

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 24-01-2014 10:45 | Stories | Category: Drugs

Young filmmaker Harvey Kadijk from Amsterdam shows how cocaine addiction looks like.

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Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much [update]

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 7-01-2014 18:00 | Category: Fundraising, Social aid, Peace & Conflicts

KNGF Geleidehonden - Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much

This is the new commercial from KNGF Geleidehonden, the Dutch Guide Dog Association. They are known for the training of guide dogs.
That they also train dogs for different tasks is less well known. As for war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. They often suffer from insomnia, nightmares and reliving.

A dog contributes to a sense of security, increased mobility and comfort and peace, seeking contact and make his boss awake by nightmares.

“We not only help people who can’t see, but also people who have seen too much.”

Update: the video is now available in English. See below. Thank you Selmore.
(Dutch version after the break)

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Fur Protector wants your Hair on a Postcard of Shame

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 13-12-2013 14:39 | Category: Animal rights


“We can help you if you need someone else’s fur” is the motto in the latest campaign from the Dutch Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals).
They have made more than 100,000 postcards, available for free. The text in the white circle: Paste your own hair.

The recipient is Gaastra clothing. Gaastra use fur from raccoon dogs from Finland for fur collars.
Raccoon dogs are born in farms and live in wire steel cages. Once the animals have a thick winter coat they are slain by anal electrocution. Only the fur of the raccoon dog is used, the rest of the animal is discarded.


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The best topical ad of the year is made from chocolate. And is about Alzheimer.

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 5-12-2013 17:45 | Category: Elder Issues, Health

The best topical ad of the year is about Alzheimer

It’s the Sinterklaas celebration today in the Netherlands [Wikipedia]. And one of the traditional gifts is his figure made from chocolate.
The Dutch Alzheimer Foundation came with a very special version of this gift.
Unwrapping the gift is the same what alzheimer’s patients experience every day. Unwrapping brings them the easter bunny feeling.

The text on the unwrapped gift: Alzheimer’s patients have to deal with this feeling daily.
Very subtle. And brilliant!

It’s one the best examples of topical advertising. Which can be described as ‘situation relevant’ advertising. React to a major current news event.
It isn’t used very often in social advertising. I’m glad I found this brilliant example. And love to see more from our industry.

The agency or creative behind this idea is unknown. Please contact us if you know more.

Update: see the video here.

BTW: a study says that chocolate may help keep the brain healthy.

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Meet “Sweetie” — the online predator’s worst nightmare

Posted by Tom Megginson | 2-12-2013 15:14 | Category: Abuse

Terre Des Hommes Netherlands Sweetie

Meet Sweetie. She appears to be a ten-year-old girl from the Philippines. But she’s not. She doesn’t even exist.

“Sweetie” is a computer-generated animated image used as bait to trap online pedophiles worldwide.

Here is her story:


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First Crashmob campaign: Put Your Lights On

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 28-10-2013 22:30 | Category: Road safety

Fietsersbond First Crashmob campaign: I want to see you

The first Crashmob campaign ever. It’s is the start of a new campaign from the Dutch Fietsersbond, the oldest bicycle promoting NGO in the Netherlands.
The campaign entitled ‘I want to see you’ (Ik wil je zien) is designed to promote the use of bike lights.

The Netherlands is one of the best cycling countries but there are many cyclist riding unsafely by not using lights at night. The campaign targets young people between 13 and 25 years with this road safety version of a flashmob.
They surprised cyclists without lights with the possible effects of their dangerous behaviour. They did it with dancing policemen, music from the popular Partysquad and the choreography by Juvat, the winner of the Dutch version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Only slightly more than half of Dutch people under 25 use their lights at night. Time for a more direct approach, without being pedantic. The prevention of penalties and the importance of bicycle lighting for yourself and other road users is the main message in this Crashmob video.

The campaign start at the end of October is no coincidence, it’s the end of the Daylight saving time.

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Urgent request: Please behave as Putin comes along in Amsterdam

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-04-2013 21:30 | Category: Gender issues, Human rights, Media

Urgent request: Please behave as Putin comes along in Amsterdam

Smart campaign from Amnesty International broadcasted on the Dutch television in the run-up to the visit from Russian President Putin to Amsterdam.

Translated transcript:

Urgent request.
On Monday, April 8, the Russian President Putin visits Amsterdam.
This visit is on a friendly basis.
We therefore ask everyone to avoid the following topics in the immediate surroundings of Mr Putin:
- Sexual orientation other than heterosexual
- Critical journalism
- Independent judiciary
- The right to demonstrate
- And Punk bands
Don’t frighten President Putin.
Keep Amsterdam free of Human Rights


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Jailed Puppets Guerrilla from Amnesty

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-11-2012 22:30 | Category: Human rights

Jailed Puppets Guerrilla from Amnesty - 4 Weeks For Freedom

This is latest campaign from the dutch section of Amnesty International. The guerrilla advertising campaign is to support the start of campaign called 4 Weeks For Freedom.
Amnesty got over a hundred volunteers to spread jailed puppets throughout the Netherlands. They are asking people to join theire actions to get Ales Bialiatski and Nasrin Sotoudeh out of jail.

It is leading up to an action that takes place in January. From 14 January to 9 February 2013, two teams are trying to get them free.
Amnesty is looking for supporters during the campaign weeks.

(Click images to enlarge)

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