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The Longest Handshake in the History of Mankind

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-05-2014 13:30 | Category: Peace & Conflicts

The Longest Handshake in the History of Mankind. The handshake from Turkey and Armenia.

The story of relations between the Turks and the Armenians is a never-ending tragedy. There was everything but friendship.
TANGO Network, which unites non-government organizations in both countries, wants to break the vicious circle and came with the idea of the longest handshake. The longest in human mankind.

On December 6, 2013 Deniz Barış from Turkey and Hovhannes Hajinyan from Armenia gave each other a hand. On December 8, after 43 hours, they set a world record in the duration of a continuous handshake.
The whole event was broadcast live on the Internet, allowing everyone to witness Barış and Hajinyan holding hands.

The video below is the case study.

The action caused a sensation. And not only in Turkey and Armenia. More than 250 media in 11 countries. More than 40 mln people reached.

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WWF warns you with Snapchat for the #LastSelfie

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-04-2014 21:00 | Category: Environment, Fundraising

WWF Denmark and Turkey on Snapchat: Don't let this be my #Lastselfie.

It is a natural choice to use Snapchat as media channel for environmental organisations. The Brazilian OndAzul did it in a campaign about the disappearing rainforest.
Snapchat is the app where images disappear from the screen in a couple of seconds. Very popular among young people.

WWF Denmark and Turkey use this idea in their new campaign about endangered animals. The image of a polar bear, tiger, gorilla, panda and orangutang is used with the text “Don’t let this be my #LastSelfie”.

WWF ask their community to take a picture from the campaign images with Quick Chat with their phone and send the picture to Snapchat friends. The call to action is included on the image.
Very smart!

See the Turkish version in the video below and at Bigumigu.

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Freedom of tweets

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 24-03-2014 21:00 | Category: Human rights

Reporter hone Grenzen: Freedom of tweets

This is the response from the German Reporter ohne Grenzen (Reporters Without Borders) on the Turkish Twitter ban.
Clear message, nothing to add.

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#HomelessTurkey tweets feed turkeys & people alike

Posted by Claire | 10-10-2013 22:00 | Category: Homelessness

Thanksgiving is a natural opportunity for turkey-related charitable campaigns, and here’s the latest project to gobble-up Twitter’s attention: Toronto’s Good Shepherd Ministries & creative agency BlackJet Inc. have launched the #HomelessTurkey campaign to coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving (October 14) .


Every use of the #HomelessTurkey hashtag on Twitter from October 9 to 11th will prompt a seed-dispenser to release tasty chow to three turkeys at a farm in South-Central Ontario. The trough is controlled by a USB relay searching Twitter for instances of the hashtag.

Don’t worry – These turkeys are not being fattened up for feasting, they’ve been spared from Thanksgiving slaughter. You can watch the turkeys chow down on the livestream here: www.homelessturkey.com

For every 1000 tweets of #HomelessTurkey, 10 turkeys will be donated by an anonymous sponsor to help Good Shepherd feed over 1500 guests for Thanksgiving dinner.


A pop-up video display at Queen & Soho St. in Toronto helps promote the hashtag, with a street team from the Ministry on hand for public outreach. There’s also some cute tweet support happening from @GoodshepherdTO:

After the first 24hours of the campaign the feed bowl is overflowing! What happens to these birds after they’re no longer internet stars? They’re off to a petting zoo for “turkey retirement”.

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New Amnesty Turkey ad channels 1982 Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder song

Posted by Tom Megginson | 22-11-2012 20:08 | Category: Human rights


There’s not really much else to say, except to insert this saccharine “worm” in your ear for the rest of the day:

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