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Asian Vaginas End Racism

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 22-11-2014 11:00 | Category: Discrimination

Kristina Wong: Asian Vaginas End Racism

Ever heard a guy say, “I’m not racist, I’ve dated Asian/Latina/Black women before?” Or “I treat my housekeeper like family”. Solo performer, writer and cultural commentator Kristina Wong did an extremely funny comment on video on these meaningless one-liners. Wong’s analysis is so on point.

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Wildlife Aid found the superlative of cuteness with ‘Saving Harry’

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 16-11-2014 21:20 | Category: Animal rights

Wildlife Aid found the superlative of cuteness with Saving Harry

I’m a big fan of the work from Kris Hofmann. Her animations surprise every time and are always completely different. In the animation she made for Wildlife Aid UK she found the superlative of cuteness.
It is the story of Harry the hedgehog who exchanged suburbia for life in the wild.

Since the 1950s the number of hedgehogs in Britain has fallen from 30 million to 1 million. We could face possible urban extinction of the much cherished little animal by 2025.
Wildlife Aid has launched a campaign asking Help us by Saving Harry.

Wildlife Aid

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SEM campaign asks sick people not to Google their symptoms

Posted by Tom Megginson | 15-11-2014 16:09 | Category: Health


Five years ago, when I was working on the social marketing campaign for the H1N1 pandemic with the Public Health Agency of Canada, one of the first things we did was search engine marketing (SEM). In any public health crisis, the first thing people do is look online for symptoms, diagnoses and treatments, so we bid on as many relevant terms as possible to ensure the health authority’s evidence-based campaign was the first link they saw.

Internet self-care is both a blessing and a curse for healthcare, depending on how it is used. Parents can find reassurance in sharing symptoms, stories, and resources about minor ailments online, which can lead to fewer panicked emergency room visits. On the other hand, personal anecdotes, cultlike popular movements (like anti-vaccine activism and homeopathy) and just plain charlatanism can seriously interfere with public health.

And then there’s the way the internet feeds on hypochondria:

Gezondheid en Wetenschap
DDB Brussels
Design Taxi

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Pregnant teen mannequins shock and shame in Venezuela

Posted by Tom Megginson | 14-11-2014 21:10 | Category: Women's Issues


Reuters reports that these “pregnant” mannequins, dressed in school uniforms for girls under 15, are a statement about an adolescent pregnancy rate that is one of the worst in South America.

Created by Fundana and Construyendo Futuros, the mannequins were set up in a popular Caracas mall.

“It’s amazing seeing people react as they walk by. This is such a taboo subject in Venezuela, we want people to talk about it,” Construyendo Futuros president Thalma Cohen told the media. “Some people get angry and complain. Others congratulate us.”

Construyendo Futuros

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Jews can make everything funnier. Even YouTube.

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 10-11-2014 21:30 | Category: Culture

Jews can make everything funnier. Even YouTube. Go Hora.

Promoting a comedy convention in Jerusalem without budget, that was the challenge for Hooligans, a creative agency from Tel Aviv.

They came with GO HORA!, a digital hora generator, that mixes randomly Jewish hora dances with YouTube hits. Surprisingly, the beat always fits perfectly, and it’s really funny to watch. See it here.

JJJ: Comedy for a Change is the name of the conference. It is about the power of comedy and social change.

JJJ: Comedy for a Change

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#RustyRadiator is back with ‘Who Wants to Be A Volunteer’

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 7-11-2014 21:40 | Category: Awards, Poverty, Developing World

#RustyRadiator is back with Who Wants to Be A Volunteer

An award that should be superfluous, that is the Rusty Radiator Award. SAIH, the Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund, came last year with the first edition of this award. It is a demand for change the way fundraising campaigns are communicating issues of poverty and development.

The promo video for the second edition is extremely funny just like last year. ‘Who Wants to Be A Volunteer’ is a variant of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Do you recognise the familiar stereotypes of how the African continent tends to be portrayed? Or the image of the “white hero” and the “exotic other”?

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#freedomoftweet transforms your tweet into a bird song

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-11-2014 20:30 | Category: Human rights


The freedom to tweet is not for everyone. As for the people in China, Iran and North Korea.
Reporters without Borders Belgium came up with a solution. They let birds sing the tweets with #FREEDOMOFTWEET.

Functionally it is rather useless, but that isn’t the intention. The twitter bird sings an appealing song about freedom of speech that is fun to share.
Like this relevant song.

Reporters without Borders Belgium

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At Kroger, loaded guns are safer than skateboards, ice cream, and bare chests

Posted by Tom Megginson | 6-11-2014 17:33 | Category: Activism

At Kroger, loaded guns are safer than skateboards, ice cream, and bare chests

It’s hard to fathom why anyone thinks it’s a good idea for citizens to bring loaded weapons into public places. But many of the United States of America, it is considered a right.

Some national chains, like Starbucks, have asked that customers “no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas.” But others, such as the huge grocery chain Kroger, refuse to take a stand. So Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America are pushing for consumer action.

The campaign points out the absurdity of a store prohibiting things like skateboards, outside foods, and shirtlessness from their stores, to protect shoppers, while allowing loaded guns. “This inconsistency is particularly shocking given that the laws in a majority of states do not require a background check, permitting or even training to open carry a firearm. In all states, but especially those where gun laws are lax, businesses have an obligation to protect their employees and patrons,” says Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Grey Toronto
Glossy Inc. (Press Kit)

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Sounds from torture

Posted by Armando Alves | 31-10-2014 16:40 | Category: Human rights

The sounds from torture go beyond the ones suffering in this campaign from Amnesty International Portugal, where several artists and musicians built a musical instrument made up of objects used in torture methods.

The drum set is traveling the whole country to help spread this message, amplifying the pain sounds so everyone listens. You can also test each instrument (be sure to use headphones) at Soundsfromtorture.com


Amnesty International
Leo Burnett Lisboa

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Positive affirmation. Simple and beautiful.

Posted by Reuben Turner | 29-10-2014 21:58 | Category: Activism, Environment

Climate action organisation 10:10 published this tonight. #ItsHappening is a wonderful compendium of solutions to climate change, happening now all over the world. A wonderful piece of positive affirmation that reminds us that change is possible.


I’ve often commented that while progressive causes get caught up in numbers, our opponents are simply better at telling stories that stick. This is a great piece of content that proves we have the stories too—and inspires us to do more. Please do check it out.



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