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  • Last night everything changed

    This is not an official spot but a video made by filmmaker Pablo Olmos Arrayales inspired by the work of TAC, the Transport Accident Commission from Australia. Pablo: More work from Pablo Olmos Arrayales here and on Osocio here.
  • The Vicious Cycle of Violence in Various Styles

    Rude to say this is beautiful but this is one the best visualizations of the term Vicious Cycle of Violence. It is from the AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) in Singapore. As Wikipedia describes: The term cycle of violence refers to repeated and dangerous acts of violence as a cyclical pattern, associated with high emotions and doctrines […]
  • This is her kingdom and these are her lives

    Two video’s from Spain made by Pablo Olmos Arrayales for LEA (Librerías Especializadas Asociadas). LEA is a group of booksellers in Madrid, each with their own speciality. There is so much to explore just by reading books is the message in this campaign. Transcript of the video above: This girl has eaten a poisoned apple and has survived Has had […]
  • Regrets of a man

    New video from Pablo Olmos Arrayales showing a father and his son speaking about domestic violence. No violence is seen but this minute of images and words explode right into your face. Very well done. Related posts with work from Pablo Olmos: – Remember the ones that forget – El escondite
  • Remember the ones that forget

    Video from Pablo Olmos Arrayales, dedicated to everyone that remember the ones that forget. ¿Por qué lo hago? Why I do it? I asked Pablo, who is living in Spain, why he made this video: “Seven years ago I found out about alztheimer on a research of diseases for my thesis. Back in my homeland Mexico, I noticed this illness […]
  • El escondite

    This great shortfilm, made by Pablo Olmos Arrayales, is a metaphor of the “el escondite” game (hide and seek) and the current situation about the hunger problem. Every year, 12 millions of children all over the world die of hunger. According to Pablo Olmos Arrayales the problem is hidden (escondido) in the mass media. Maybe individuals who conform society are […]