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1 in 3: A WaterAid film for World Toilet Day

1 in 3: A WaterAid film for World Toilet Day


“I don’t have a latrine. I just go to neighbours. Sometimes they refuse so I have to go to a bar. If they see me, they refuse to let me in. I have no other option. I feel bad. I feel embarrassed, but what can I do?
At night, I go in a tin in my home. It’s dangerous to go out alone at night. People can rape you. I would love to have a toilet.”

Katherine Mulemba, pictured in Zambia, October 2012 by Candace Feit for WaterAid.

1 in 3 women worldwide risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet. WaterAid campaigns today on World Toilet Day about this problem transposing the situation from low income countries to a high income country.

In April, the world’s governments committed to increase their efforts to provide access to water and sanitation for all. The UK Government promised to double the number of people they would reach by 2015 – to 60 million.
Therefore WaterAid ask you to sign their pledge to remind the governments about their commitment.

Barbara Frost, Chief Executive of WaterAid: “When women don’t have a safe, secure and private place to go to the toilet they are exposed and put in a vulnerable position and when they relieve themselves in the open they risk harassment. Women are reluctant to talk about it or complain, but the world cannot continue to ignore this.

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