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100 years of Nursing in a Beautiful Poem

100 years of Nursing in a Beautiful Poem

This is such sparingly moment a little gem comes along. Not from a trendy ngo but from the timeless world of nursing. It is a beautiful slightly animated poem made to celebrate the British Royal College of Nursing (RCN) centenary. A concatenation of key dates from the College’s history into the story of a nurse witnessing open-heart surgery for the first time. 

Written and performed by Molly Case who is a spoken word artist, writer, nurse and RCN member. She had her debut at the RCN Congress in 2013 reading the poem Nursing the Nation which brought her a standing ovation. That poem became an internet hit, see it below. This year she was specially commissioned by the RCN to mark its centenary.


Getting a commission was fantastic. The RCN allowed me to explore 100 years how I wanted. So I started telling the story in a raconteur style, seeing it through the nurse’s eyes while peppering it with milestones from the RCN’s history.

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