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15 lives 15 refugee camps 15 stories

15 lives 15 refugee camps 15 stories


As I said before I’m into storytelling lately. I love the impact of five minute focus.This new campaign from UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), the UN body that deals with Palestine refugees, is based on that idea.
Peace Starts Here: Putting People First is made in the traditional documentary structure but cut into 15 pieces for making it an online campaign.

The micro-site highlights the plight of some five million registered Palestine refugees. The campaign is launched simultaneously in Jerusalem and Brussels, and marks United Nations Day and EU-UN Partnership Day. Viewers are invited to click through to a series of video portraits and be drawn into the world of the refugees.

The campaign started with four stories: a home demolition in Jerusalem, an orphan boy in Baqa’a, Jordan, an artist in Shatila Lebanon, and a young volunteer in Gaza. A total of fifteen stories will be rolled out over the course of three months, accompanied by information and photographs about the places and issues that they cover. Viewers will be invited to donate to UNRWA.

“One of the aims of this campaign is to create a real emotional bond and to provoke discussion in online forums and social networks about Palestine refugees,” said UNRWA’s Arabic Language Spokesperson, Sami Mshasha. “We hope that people will post the films on Facebook, Twitter and other networks and stimulate a global conversation about this often forgotten issue.”

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