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Hands-on work really do change lives of newcomers

Hands-on work really do change lives of newcomers

This video contains three 15-second spots from the Afghan Woman’s Organization (AWO) based in Canada. Each spot shows a simple intervention to the life of a newcomer. The ads are shot in a single take and uses staging inspired by live theatre to show community-based solutions to challenges faced by newly arrived refugees.

Each spot features a character sitting alone in a room – an older woman, a seven-year-old boy and his mother and a young woman – grappling with a problem when a group of Afghan women arrive and transform the space into a welcoming and nurturing environment.

JP Gravina from Send + Receive, the agency behind the campaign:

We wanted to show how transformative the work this group does in a simple way. The spots express how the hands-on work the women in the organization really do change lives. They are simple and elegant ways of describing the real effect that community and contact can have on newcomers to Canada, it’s a very timely message.

The ads started airing on April 1, 2017 and will be broadcasted through December 31, 2017.

Production Company: Someplace Nice

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