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32,000 To Go

32,000 To Go


Motivated by a desire to make a difference, Surry Hills based agencies Host, The Glue Society and One Green Bean have created a new, multimedia advertising campaign entitled 32,000 To Go on behalf of The Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network.
The campaign is aimed at raising the profile and understanding of youth homelessness in Australia and encouraging people to get involved in helping Oasis tackle this issue.
Supporting the campaign with donated media and editorial support is News Ltd, dmg radio networks and a number of online media partners.
The multimedia campaign launches with press and radio activity.

In press, a thought provoking eight page leaflet with be running; containing striking imagery that depicts some of the ways the 32,000* young Australians who are currently homeless make their way off the streets. Cast using young people from Oasis, some of the images used are confronting and uncomfortable, while others tell a story of success. 500,000 leaflets will be distributed in total, appearing in The Courier Mail (QLD) and The Daily Telegraph (NSW and ACT) between 3 September – 8 September 2009. The final page of the photo led leaflet contains powerful copy calling on the community to take action and show their support by visiting

Captain Paul Moulds, Director of The Oasis Youth Support Network, shares his concern about the prevalence of youth homelessness and the importance of the 32,000 To Go campaign:

“It’s shocking to think that 32,000 young people, 22,000 of whom are teenagers, have no-where to sleep each night. This is why the 32,000 To Go campaign is so important in keeping this issue on the public agenda, raising awareness and encouraging all Australians to take action to help us bring this
number down.”
“As a nation we have neglected this issue, and neglected these kids for too long. They deserve the chance to get their lives back. We can’t continue to fail them.  We need society as a whole to take action.  There are lots of ways individuals, businesses, schools and others in the community can help. They don’t all involve giving large sums of cash or lots of time, but they will all be useful in helping to solve this problem” concluded Paul.

Two pictures from the leaflet:

Jenny, Sex Worker. 2 down, 31,998 to go.


Ashley, Assistant Grocer. 3 down, 31,997 to go.


Oasis Youth Support Network

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