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4 Year Olds Bucket List

4 Year Olds Bucket List

Water is Life

I saw this video with my 8 year old son just the other day and I explained to him that 780 million people does not have sustainable access to an improved water source.
I promised him that smart people are doing everything to bring clean water to a thirsty world.

This video is heartbreaking and in the same time gives us a hope that (only) we can make World a better place!

WATERisLIFE, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing safe water, sanitation and WASH education programs to schools and villages in developing countries, has launched this bittersweet video to promote its mission. The nonprofit is using the film to raise awareness and funds and is asking supporters to share the video with the hashtag #5YearsToLive on Twitter.

Today 6,500 people will die because they lack clean water. – See more
4,100 kids die under the age of 5 because they don’t have access clean drinking water.

4-year-old Nkaitole fulfills his dreams in just a few short days because he may not live to see his next birthday …

Water is Life

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