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404 pages can return much more than an error

404 pages can return much more than an error

In one more example of multiples or synchronicity of ideas, today i tweeted an idea for turning 404 pages into a charity opportunity. Well, a few hours later i found out a campaign by Fischer+Fala for AACD (The Brazilian Handicapped Association).


When browsing to a partner website with an incorrect URL (which have over 17million of uniques), instead of the usual “Page Not Found”, the user is surprised with a plea for help by AACD, inviting donations on AACD’s website. And if your organization wants to do the same, just download the 404 page assets on the website.


Turning a browsing error into a charity opportunity is a great example how we don’t always need big budgets, but rather be ingenious with what we have available.

Additional credits:
Creatives: Bruno Mendonça and Artur Polatti
Creative Directors: Rafael Merel and Marcelo Fedrizzi
Head of Convergence: Pedro Porto
Media: Daniel Gunji
Production: Rafael Fragoso
Project Manager: Karen Hada

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