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Left: HI_v / Ioannis Fetanis / Greece
Right: Hitting the wrong target / Hakki Erol / Turkey

Tomorrow starts the exhibition of the Good 50×70 contest. 200 posters are shown out of 1659 entries. Good 50×70, based on an idea of Pasquale Volpe in collaboration with Tommaso Minnetti, is an ambitious project that wants to increase public opinion awareness of causes and people who fight day after day to improve the standard of living across the world.

The aim of the contest is to shake up the current state of affairs by creating a new synergy between the non profit organizations and a spontaneous and radical creativity. The competition covers five of the burning social issues which the UN recognizes as the plagues of our millennium: AIDS, Environmental damage, Human rights violation, Underdevelopment and War.

50×70 centimeters is the size of the media posters that they asked the creatives to submit to raise awareness of those problems and promote change.
At the online gallery all 200 posters are shown. Entries come from all over the world but it’s remarkable that imho the best design come from Iran. I did some posts about Iranian designers in the past and I will post more in the future.

To the gallery.

Thanks Ioannis Fetanis

50x70-salvagente-renato 50x70-terror-alireza-hesaea

Left: Salvagente / Renato Tagli / Switzerland
Right: Terror / Alireza Hesaeaki / Iran


Left: Human rights in Iran / Sajad Asadi / Iran
Right: Environmental damage / Jamile Jamshidi / Iran


Left: No Prostitution / Meza Romero Obed Chaparrito / Mexico
Right: Gradual death / Mostafa Kalantari / Iran

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