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60 Unite For Children

60 Unite For Children


After two years of work the project called 60 Unite For Children was launched last October and was organised by APAG for Unicef. The goal is to create a cultural and artistic project and to make audience aware of child fate. It’s a book, a website and several exibitions with work from sixty artists and digital designers from all over the world. The totality of the profit concerning the book’s sell will be given to UNICEF.
In this post seven examples of work from the project.

The work above is from Nuno Baltazar (Vectorbrigade)

Adhemas Batista (website)


Jason Siu – Children (website)


Sébastien Bourdoiseau ( APAG ) & Hubert Ordronneau – L’enfant, espérance des hommes


Ben Radatz (MK12) (website)


Jens Sjobergh (website)


Han Hoogerbrugge (website)


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