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82% of children choose bleach instead of toys

82% of children choose bleach instead of toys

7,500 accidents happen with household chemicals every year in the Netherlands and in most cases the victims are young children. VeiligheidNL (Dutch Safety Authority) and The National Food Products Authority conducted a special experiment with neuroscientists for a new campaign to tell about the dangers of the chemicals.

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For this experiment the authorities, together with agency Lemz, used a hidden camera, eye-tracking sensors, and a heart rate monitor. The shocking result was that more than half of the kids chose household chemicals over toys.

Parents are the main target in this campaign because they underestimate the attraction of household chemicals to young children. They are encouraged to do the experiment themselves with their child. Not in real life, but digital on the campaign website.

The campaign is complemented by posters and leaflets in health centers.

VeiligheidNL Don't give kids a choice

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