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9/11 The Last Judgement

9/11 The Last Judgement


At april 8, Easter sunday, bishop Hurkmans blessed this new stained glass window in the St. Jan’s Cathedral Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Nothing special at first sight.

The window is made following the traditional three division: heaven above, hell below and, between the two, purgatory. The joining element is a flower, the iris. The window, made by Dutch artist Marc Mulders, portrays the last judgement. The remarkable thing of this window is shown at the bottom. It shows the first airplane that is about to crash into the World Trade Center at 9/11 in New York.
Marc Mulder: “Terrorists who kill in the name of God, because they believe they know His judgment and can pass the Last Judgement in advance: that is hell on earth. Precisely now, as we live in a world where the awareness of divine retribution has reduced, vanished or been traded in for a human judgment, I wish to revive this awareness. Not as a crippling fear, but as an activating fear that prompts choices and introspection.”

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