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93 Packets of Sugar

93 Packets of Sugar

This new campaign from NYC Health continues the shock theme, adding up the amount of sugar somebody with a sweet tooth can easily consume — in drinks alone — during the day, and showing graphic medical consequences:

In the press release, Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner, states:

“Too many sugar-sweetened drinks are fueling the obesity epidemic. Obesity and the serious health consequences that result are making hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers sick or disabled. This new campaign shows how easy it is to drink a staggering amount of sugar in one day without realizing it. We hope that this campaign will encourage people to make the simple switch to healthier alternatives such as water, seltzer or low-fat milk. If this campaign shifts habits even slightly, it could have real health benefits.”

Scary stuff. And although I generally dislike shock tactics, this one may just work in making a few people think twice about ordering that high calorie hot milkshake they call a “coffee”.


NYC Health

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