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A 10th Birthday Party. That’s all about boobs.

A 10th Birthday Party. That’s all about boobs.

We’ve covered Boobyball once already this month, but I finally got a look at the annual fundraiser’s new PSA.

Boobyball gained notoriety two years ago when its co-chair, MTV Canada host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, directed an eye-popping promotional video starring her own bikini-clad blessings. Last year, they followed up with a much tamer ‘70s porn parody, also starring A-J.

This year, however, they seem to have found some agency help. CP+B Toronto orchestrated their topless street stunt, and I have to assume some similar collusion on the new ad. (Or perhaps John St., who did Rethink’s new App?) It combines the childish booby humour we’re used to with an actual children’s scenario: a 10th birthday party. (It’s the charity’s 10th year.)

Whether or not you feel it’s appropriate to show a young boy motorboating a double-D birthday cake, the humour is a nice break from all the sexualized nudity and corporate self-righteousness.

UPDATED: Two more videos…

Boobyball 10 (Rethink Breast Cancer)
CP+B? John St.? (Please let us know)
MTV Canada

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