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A baby in a bottle to tell us about FASD

A baby in a bottle to tell us about FASD

FASD too young to drink by Fabrica

When Fabrica makes something then it is always spectacular. Fabrica, created by Benetton in 1994, is a communications research centre. Their latest work was launched all over the world at 9:09 am on September 9, the International FASD Awareness Day.

FASD is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, it is the range of harm to an unborn baby due to drinking during pregnancy. Alcohol can hurt the baby’s brain, heart, eyes, and other organs. Children with FASD can have a hard time learning, controlling how they act, and making friends. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause lifelong harm to the unborn child.

The campaign Too Young To Drink is a call to be 100% alcohol-free during pregnancy.

Creative director Erik Ravelo (known for the Los Intocables project) and others talk about the campaign in this backstage video:


The launch of the campaign was a big non-stop guerrilla marketing action, worldwide in every timezone at 9:09 am. Below some examples shared with the hashtag #tooyoungtodrink on Twitter, Facebook and Vine.










Additional credits:
Creative director: Erik Ravelo
Video Director | Post Production: Tomás Pichardo
DOP: Shek Po Kwan
Music: Jhon William Castaño Montoya
Copywriter: Tara Sutton
Account Director: Angela Quintavalle

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