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A “battle for babies”

A “battle for babies”

The campaign “Battle for the Babies” (Bitka za Bebe) was launched on September 1st, 2011, with the aim of raising funds for purchasing 100 new incubators for Serbia’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

“There is a battle with no heroic stories written about it. It is a battle where no medals are awarded. A battle where there is only one reward – life. This is the battle waged by the smallest and the youngest fighters the world has ever seen. They are brave, they never cry, they never complain. They never give up the fight, till the final victory. They are our heroes. But this is not and should not be just their battle. This is the battle for all brave people. This is the battle for life. This is the battle for the babies!
Join us in this battle! Help our heroes to victory!” (more after the video)


The 40 year-old incubators were severely outdated, resulting in an over 60% death rate for babies. People were invited to join the battle and fight together.
More than 700 companies and 1 million people supported the campaign which raised funds for 195 incubators, amounting to €2,600,000 and covering the needs of the entire country.

The Cresta Awards, held in New York, awarded it for Integrated Campaigns.
This is the most important of the awards that the campaign has won so far – along with the EACA Grand Prix in Brussels last June.

The Case Study

The project was realized in cooperation between the B92 Fund and Saatchi & Saatchi.


B92 Fund Humanitarian Campaign “Battle for the Babies”
Saatchi & Saatchi Belgrade
Additional credits:
Creative Director(s): Veljko Golubovic
Copywriter(s): Zarko Veljkovic, Nikola Zmajevic
Art Director(s): Ivana Zekovic, Svetlana Dukic
Managing Director: Sonja Milovic
Account Director: Ivana Minovic
Senior Graphic Designer: Viktor Mijatovic

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