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A Dangerous Journey

A Dangerous Journey

A Dangerous Journey is a new animated film based on true stories of women trafficked from West Africa to the UK. The film was produced by FPWP HIbiscus and Animage Films and was funded by various UK charities.
The film was launched in the UK at House of Lords on October 24 with a keynote from the former senior judge, Lady Butler-Sloss. A dangerous Journey will spearhead a series of anti-trafficking campaigns throughout Africa beginning in Nigeria in Autumn 2012. (more after the video)


A Dangerous Journey was commissioned by Olga Heaven, founder of the Hibiscus Foundation as part of a new campaign, which will use the short animation to educate women and girls in Nigeria about the dangers of people-trafficking.

For over 20 years, Heaven has dedicated her life to educating and supporting women from Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana and the EU who have found themselves in British prisons for various reasons.

“It tells the story of Grace, who by no means, is not different to any other little girl. She dreamed of going to school, meeting and marrying her prince, having a family and living happily ever after.  But her dream of a better life turned into a nightmare when she was lured by false promises and lies.  Her ‘Dangerous Journey’ began when she accepted a free flight to the UK.

Instead of freedom she was locked up, instead of an education she was forced into prostitution and instead of a better life she ended up frightened and alone. source : The Guardian Nigeria News

Common european destinations for trafficked women and children
from Nigeria are Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and
the United Kingdom. There is a noticeable and growing trend in the
trafficking of nigerian women and young girls to the United Kingdom to
work as domestic servants. An increasing number of young girls claiming
asylum in the United Kingdom are, in fact, trafficked persons.
Nigerian women and girls en-route to Europe spend many months in the deserts of
North Africa and are forced into labor and prostitution to survive during
the journey. About 92% of nigerians trafficked to europe for prostitution
come from Edo State of Nigeria. Initially, most came from Benin city, the
capital of edo State, and from cities in Delta State.
” source: UNESCO

This is part of “The Need to Know Campaign”
Exposing Global Practices That Harm Women.
The Need to Know Campaign is a growing body of work that uses animated films as a method of informing and warning millions of people worldwide, in particular young people, of the practices that harm women.

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons
Additional credits:
Hibiscus Foundation

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