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A free Canadian

A free Canadian


With all the oppression and attacks on human rights going on around the world, it’s nice to see a PSA that celebrates the freedom some of us have.

This video, simply called “Free”, was produced internally by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to encourage Canadians, both immigrant and native born, to find out more about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

It was launched last week, as part of the Government of Canada’s Citizenship Week observances. What I like about the ad is its pure Canadianness — it’s not pushy or preachy, and its brand of patriotism is a quiet, confident and welcoming pride.

See the French language version below.

Disclosure: As a Creative Director at the ad agency that does more work with the Government of Canada than any other, I often work with CIC. However, I had no part in this project.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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