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This story is about a good death

This story is about a good death

Write BMA competition Lessons from a good death

“Not many of us can live like David Bowie, but could we die like him?”

That was the question asked in the writing competition from the British Medical Association (BMA), the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK. Entitled ‘A Good Death’ was a contest for their members which are all health care professionals.

Palliative care is becoming increasingly important by doctors and is an important issue discussed in politics and healthcare. The good thing of the BMA contest is that it was exclusively for their members. It resulted in storytelling where experiences from both patients and their family come together with experiences from doctors.


The theme recognising the BMA’s recent work on end-of-life care and physician-assisted dying. A key recommendation from the project was the need for more and better services to support doctors, and other health professionals, who care for dying patients.

The six best entries are published in beautifully styled web pages with animated illustrations. As storytelling exactly the right way that suits the subject of death.

These stories touch me. Perhaps because it bridges the gap between patients and doctors.

The winner wrote the beautiful Lessons from a good death.

I remember so much kindness, and so much love, and laughing, all of us round his bed with the sun streaming in, Dad exactly where he wanted to be, Mum by his side. So this story is about a good death, and the lessons I learned. And all the lessons are the same lesson: be kind.

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