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A healthy food ad for babies

A healthy food ad for babies

There will never be any lack for ads featuring breasts. But this one is a lactivist one, and that makes it pretty awesome in my book:

If my son was still a nurser, this video would probably make him hungry. From the nursing retail shop (and advocate) “Boobs ‘n Burps”, in Brussels, this online ad has been making the rounds of YouTube since last week, and as of this writing has garnered almost 88,000 views.

While it could be taken as exploitation (of the male viewers, at least), it’s great that the mighty “Power of Boobies” is being used not to titillate, but to promote their maternal role in a healthy and natural upbringing for children (and sell a few nursing bras while they’re at it). With all the money spent marketing formula to women who don’t need it (and often can’t afford it), any help will do.


The only complaint I have is that, as a foreigner, it’s frustrating for me to be sucked in by such a charming little video, titled in English, only to discover that the site is (apparently) only in Flemish. Promoting healthy breatsfeeding is an important issue worldwide, and when you have the world’s attention it’s best if they can understand what you have to say.

The song is “Celebrating Hearts Aligned”, by Half-Handed Cloud from Berkely, California.

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