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A history forgotten is a future lost

A history forgotten is a future lost

A great campaign from South Africa from the Apartheid Museum. The people of Agency TBWAHUNTLASCARIS went on the streets of Johannesburg with their cameras.
The museum is struggling to attract South Africans and particularly younger South Africans.

They decided to expose the reality. And start a conversation. After all, the most important step in addressing a problem is knowing that there is one. So they took to the streets and interviewed the youth directly. They simply asked them to identify a series of famous people. First popular culture icons and lastly a famous anti-apartheid leader.
Their suspicion turned to reality. Over 86% of the people interviewed easily recognised the popular figures and failed to identify the South African anti-apartheid leader.

They turned these interviews into television, radio and viral adverts, to be launched on the days leading up to Freedom Day.

“Forgotten history. Lost Future.
What’s to become of a celebrity-obsessed generation that’s forgetting its history?”

This way of addressing the problem can be used in many countries for various causes.





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