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A Homeless Polar Bear in London

A Homeless Polar Bear in London

Using children or animals in cause advertising makes me suspicious. It is an easy to use sentiment. Sometimes too easy.
In this new campaign from Greenpeace a Polar Bear is key character. And the first seconds while watching some suspicious thoughts came up.
But I’m convinced now. This is a brilliant video guiding the campaign. All scenes are relevant for the cause.

And smart to use the city of London. It’s the center of the world this summer.

Save The Arctic is the name of the campaign. Greenpeace wants the Arctic to become a world reserve.
The campaign website is a petition site: “When we reach 1 million signatures we’ll plant your name and a Flag for the Future on the bottom of the ocean at the top of the world.”


The campaign reminds me of the ‘Nature Misses You’ campaign.


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