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A journey of 1,954 miles along the Trump line

A journey of 1,954 miles along the Trump line

The wall on the southern border of the United States where Donald Trump wants to build his wall seemed to be a metaphor for a long time. An image of decisive importance for his victory which now might be a terrifying reality.

How that border line look like in reality? That question was asked by Josh Begley. He is a data artist and web developer based in Brooklyn. He stitched 200,000 satellite images together downloaded from Google Maps  to visualise a voyage across the US-Mexico border.

Josh Begley wrote a piece about the background and his thoughts on the project:

Borders begin as fictions. They are performed. They are lines drawn in the sand, spaces that bend and break and make exceptions for certain kinds of bodies.

But borders are made real by the policies built around them. The fact that borders are performed does not make them any less real. The border is quite literally what gives the nation its shape.

Best of luck with the wall‘ perfectly describes the zeitgeist of now, the politics of nation states. It is art, it makes us think and it is confrontating.


The southern border is a space that has been almost entirely reduced to metaphor. It is not even a geography. Part of my intention with this film is to insist on that geography.

By focusing on the physical landscape, I hope viewers might gain a sense of the enormity of it all, and perhaps imagine what it would mean to be a political subject of that terrain.

Read his entire piece here.

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