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The things that turned a child’s world upside down

The things that turned a child’s world upside down

A lot of terrible things can happen in the world of a child. And UNICEF shows how close to these things can be. They did it in this video showing a family trip to the park which was totally normal. Until their world was turned upside down.

It’s touching, heartbreaking sometimes, to see the two different perspectives of a child’s life. Brought literally and figuratively through the camerawork and editing.

A mum and dad sit watching their children play; dangling upside down from a climbing frame and doing headstands. But each time one of the two children spins upside down, their world turns upside down with them, and we see a glimpse of the very different life they could be living in a country affected by war or natural disaster.

Maybe it is too much to handle in 1:49. At least for me while watching.

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