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A man is worth more than the gold he wears. So is a country.

A man is worth more than the gold he wears. So is a country.

This is a brilliant piece of work in cinematographic style from Romania. But the subject is harsh. I wrote already in 2006 about it and the subject is still relevant.
The video is the first of a new series of awareness and mobilization actions against gold exploitation in Roșia Montană.
Roșia Montană is a commune in the Apuseni Mountains of western Transylvania, Romania.

The campaign against the cyanide mining at Roșia Montană was one of the largest campaigns over a non-political cause in the last 20 years in Romania. A plethora of organizations spoke out against the project, from Greenpeace to the Romanian Academy. Nevertheless, in late 2009, the Romanian government announced it made starting the project a priority. [Wikipedia]

The new awareness campaign aims to break the media embargo imposed by Rosia Montana Gold Corporation and also to answer the need for public information with regards to the risks and the futility of gold exploitation in Roșia Montană.

The video spot was produced under pro-bono conditions by Papaya Advertising Agency. The video presented by Maia Morgenstern was launched on June 15.

Robert Tiderle, creative director, Papaya Advertising: “The creative concept is very simple. Gold mining, as proposed in Roșia Montană, will cause suffering. People thrown out of homes where they were born, an enormous cyanide lake, mountains removed from the surface of the earth… All of this for Gold. To do what with? Earrings? If they desperately need earrings, we give them earrings. Just so they leave us alone!”.


Eugen David, local from Roșia Montană and president of Alburnus Maior Association: “I am convinced that this information campaign will open the minds and hearts of people who are not fully aware about our situation in Roșia Montană, but they instinctively feel how serious it is. Our fight has brought together efforts more precious than gold and this video spot is an example which speaks for itself. You must understand, we are in control of our future and the success of our fight belongs to you, all who believe in justice”.

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While writing this blogpost a second video became available. Now with Dragos Bucur, also a Romanian actor:


The original Romanian version with Maia Morgenstern. The video got over 400.000 views in 10 days:


The English version with Dragos Bucur is available now:


Hat tip to Constantin Nimigean.

Save Rosia Montana
Papaya Advertising
Additional credits:
Director: Florin Serban
DOP: Marius Panduru
Music: Dead Can Dance

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