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These mothers don’t want pink slippers on that day in May

These mothers don’t want pink slippers on that day in May

This May, War Child Canada asks moms to sacrifice their Mother’s Day gift in exchange for a donation to the charity, which helps mothers and children living in war zones. And they do that with this very funny campaign video and a dedicated website titled Mother’s Day Sacrifice.

The campaign, created by john st. advertising in Toronto, uses the well known clichés about the junk mothers so often receive at that yearly day. It also highlight the sacrifices they make every day and ask them to make one more.

James Topham, Director of Communications at War Child:

Mothers makes sacrifices every day, so it’s fitting to encourage families in North America to respect and honour the mothers in their lives by helping others whose lives have been blighted by war. Our work around the world addresses very sobering issues but we wanted this campaign to have a light-hearted yet meaningful message, while poking fun at the predictable gifts we have both given and received in the past.

The idea behind the campaign is simple and very clever. Mother’s Day is about recognition, not only close but also far away.

James Topham:

This year we want to encourage families to forgo the generic gifts and instead give back to mothers affected by war. In the countries we work in, we have seen firsthand the sacrifices mothers make daily for the good of their children, I can assure you it is the best gift you can give.

War Child Canada Mother’s Day Sacrifice

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