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A new spin on sexualizing breast cancer marketing

A new spin on sexualizing breast cancer marketing

We’re used to seeing images and videos of beautiful nude or half-dressed women as an attention-getting tactic for breast cancer awareness, prevention or fundraising. And we’ve grown accustomed to all the “boobies” “tatas” and “tits” silly talk that surrounds the issue. But this new outreach by Rethink Breast Cancer instead objectifies male sexuality to remind women to check their breasts for early symptoms:


Available now for free at the Apple App Store, and for Android starting October 17, its features include:

“Customize – Update the App to fit your personal liking, with features that let you chose your man, his pose and more.
Hot Messages – You’ll love the attention your man gives to you, with messages like ‘Any guy would be lucky to have you’ and ‘Give your breasts some TLC.’
Reminders – Tailor your calendar schedule with settings for weekly, monthly or surprise reminders directed by a sexy man of your choice.
Education – The App includes a special ‘signs and symptoms’ tab to hone in on the importance of early detection.
Get Checked – Use a variety of scheduling options such as doctors’ appointments and many more.
Also, Your Man Reminder’s Facebook sharing capabilities will allow users to proudly announce when they’ve taken their breasts into their own hands and which sexy man from the App motivated them to check.  This will help remind the other women to stay on top of their breast health.”

Is it just me, or is the line “you’ll love the attention your man gives to you” kind of sad? And sexist?

Nonetheless, an innovative piece of high-tech social marketing.

Rethink Breast Cancer
John St. (Toronto, Canada)

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