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A paperless election campaign?*

A paperless election campaign?*

Josh Rachlis is a Canadian eco-comic, actor, musician and copywriter. He is perhaps best known for his viral video “An Inconvenient Proposal: A love song for Laurie David” in which he attempts to woo the ex-wife of Comedian Larry David through his heroic environmentalism.

Now, Josh has thrown his hat in the political ring, running for an Urban Toronto seat (Eglinton-Lawrence) in the Ontario Provincial Legislature for the Green Party. And he’s attempting to run a paperless campaign, instead using his talent and social networks to spread this digital flyer:

The song calls out various Canadian politicians and celebrities to share his cause, including author/poet Margaret Atwood,  actress Rachel McAdams, popular scientist and media activist David Suzuki, pop stars Nelly Furtado and Justin Bieber, among others.

Would you vote for Josh? Even if you wouldn’t, he urges you to share simply to support the idea of reducing campaign waste.

Lyrics below.


(*I’m sure there’s paper somewhere in the campaign, even if only in the bathroom at Josh Rachlis for MPP HQ, but it made for a compelling headline.)

I’m running in Eglinton-Lawrence for MPP
And ‘cause I’m Green I want to do things sustainably
So instead of printing my info on a cut-down tree
I wrote this song to spread the word digitally

Please share this digital flyer
For my campaign to be MPP with the Green Party
Whether or not you desire
To elect me, if you retweet me, you’ll save a tree

Whether you’re my mom with one Facebook friend, and it’s me
Or have a million followers as a celebrity
Please share this on Twitter, Facebook or even your blog
And you’ll live longer ‘cause there will be less smog

Please share this digital brochure
To save a tree that can instead clean up the air
Whatever your politics, it’s kosher
‘Cause retweeting this will save the Earth and you live there

Hey Margaret Atwood, I share your love of libraries
And unlike Doug, I’d recognize you, so please retweet

Rachel McAdams, you’re not on Twitter but you’ve got a site called greenissexy
And I’m proof of that. Well, sort of. I get love letters from David Suzuki.

Steven Page, I hear you power your house with Bullfrog energy
If I had a million dollars, I’d invest in that company

Nelly Furtado, you Tweeted that you love Elizabeth May
Well, so do I, and she’s got a seat now, so how about throwing some of that eco-love my way

Please share this digital flyer
Justin Timberlake, your eco views and mine are in synch
Please share this digital flyer
Mike Schreiner, you’re my leader, hope you think this song doesn’t stink

Please share this digital flyer
Sarah Harmer, you love the Green Belt and green belts look on me
Please share this digital flyer
Justin Bieber you’re a teen, so help me help the kids go green

Ok, Justin Timberlake isn’t even Canadian, but that’s my point. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from – We all breathe the same air. And also, he’s got 4 million Twitter followers. But there are plenty of other eco-minded Canadians and Ontarians. George Stroumboulopoulos, you had your Million Acts of Green. Why not make retweeting this one of them? It would only be one millionth of… Anyway, all of you, my main point is that it doesn’t matter if you vote Green or not or whatever. The most important thing you can do is vote. So on October 6th, share your thoughts at the polls.

Green Party of Ontario
Josh Rachlis
YouTube (via Facebook shares)

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