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A peek inside a boy’s world of autism

A peek inside a boy’s world of autism

Autism spectrum disorders in children are challenging for parents, teachers, peers, and most of all for the kids with autism. Science is still learning about causes (vaccine reactions are most certainly NOT one of them) and treatments. But as time goes on, more and more children are diagnosed with these neurodevelopmental differences.

This new campaign for Autism Speaks by the Ad Council and BBDO New York has been created to help parents understand what autism feels like for a young person living with it, to recognize the early signs of autism and make early interventions to help.

With a combination of 3D and stop-motion animation, as well as live action, the video is “inspired by stories of real children with autism and told from the perspective of a child with autism.

The PSAs are a new chapter of the award-winning “Learn the Signs” campaign, also by BBDO.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video for us ad-nerds:

And since it’s an American campaign, “Austism Speaks” is also available in Spanish.

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