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A sleeper agent for social marketing

A sleeper agent for social marketing

This is one from the Osocio mailbag, sent by Renée Bäni of Swiss agency numéro10.

It’s an online campaign to raise awareness about driver fatigue. The character, Turbosiesteur (“Turbosleeper“) is on a crusade to make it easier for people to nap — anywhere, or anytime. The underlying message is that when you’re driving tired, you should stop the car and get some rest to prevent a crash. The series uses hidden cameras to catch people reacting to Turbosiesteur taking his15-minute “turbosieste” (turbonap) in public places.

I can’t understand half of what he’s saying, but the idea comes through: “Rest is best!”

The campaign also has a Facebook page where fans can suggest new places for Turbosiesteur to grab some ZZZs. (At the rate he’s annoying and delaying the Swiss citizenry in the second episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone recommends “the bottom of Lake Geneva!)

BFU (Switzerland Council for Accident Prevention)

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