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A story about missing children in a raw and terrifying short film

A story about missing children in a raw and terrifying short film

ISPCC: A story about missing children in a raw and terrifying short film

The great advantage of this digital age is that charities don’t have to buy expensive media airtime. The reach of services such as YouTube is large and has an enormous effect on the shape and content.
Like this new short film from the Irish ISPCC, the Missing Children’s Hotline. Almost 7 minutes raw and terrifying video shot in the first person.
The video was launched the 4th December, Ireland’s inaugural Missing Persons Day.

We watch from ‘Molly’s’ point of view as she decides to run away from home and is exposed to a dangerous and terrifying city alone. This powerful short movie highlights just one scenario that could occur when a child goes missing.

Ashley Balbirnie, CEO of the ISPCC: “Since 2008 there have been over 30,000 missing children reports in Ireland so it is vital that the public is aware that the 116 000 service is in operation. We launched the hotline in June and we have been receiving a growing number of calls.  The short movie shows a tragic scenario of a young girl who has run away and the key message behind the video is that when you think you have nowhere left to run, you still have somewhere left to turn: the ISPCC 116 000 Missing Children’s Hotline.

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ISPCC – Missing Children’s Hotline
Ogilvy & Mather
Additional credits:
Co-Production companies – Assembly & Blinder
Director and writer – Richie Smyth
Producer – Rebecca Bourke
Copywriter – Des Kavanagh
Art Director – Laurence O’Byrne
Account Director – Irene Chaney
Agency Producer – Paul Ellis
Creative Director – Mike Mesbur
Editor – Ivan Andrijanic
Sound – Gareth Averill
Post Production Producer – Derek Doyle
Online – Shayne Murphy
Grade – Matt Branton
Post Production House – Windmill Lane

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