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A tank full of hope

A tank full of hope

“Mending broken hearts” sounds like good title for next top 20 chart song, don’t you think? But it sounds even better as a name of the British Heart Foundation campaign that aims to fundraise £50 million pounds for a ground-breaking research that “could begin to mend broken hearts in as little as 10 years’ time”.

It is a great campaign with touching TV ad so read on

Earlier this year British Heart Foundation has started this great campaign. They created very moving TV advert that explains why there is so much hope rested on a little zebrafish. The story obviously gets to your heart but equally it gets to your head as it clearly shows that it is possible in nature to heal broken hearts. Have a look at the ad:

They have also partnered with The Guardian, one of the biggest daily newspapers and news website in UK, and created an appeal website that focused on the science behind the research. The site contains a number of articles, videos and audio files about the human body, heart diseases etc. So it also feeds ‘the head’ of a possible supporter.

Here are some shots of the printed ads for the Zebrafish appeal:



The last thing I want to mention in this post is the fantastic website created for this appeal – The Hope Tank. Visitors are asked to fill the virtual fish tank with hope by adding a virtual zebrafish to it. You can connect your Facebook profile to it and share this with your friends. Go and have a look around it.

I don’t want to criticise BHF and I genuinely love the whole campaign but there is one thing that struck me as a fundraiser. I watched all the ads, read through all Guardian articles, seen number of ad banners, looked around the tank and not even once I was asked to make a donation, not even when I added my zebrafish. This £50 million is not going to appear by itself.


Special thanks to Roberto Kusabbi the BHF Community & social media Manager for sending me the copies of printed ads

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