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A terrorist faces his victims in this Kuwaiti PSA for #Ramadan

A terrorist faces his victims in this Kuwaiti PSA for #Ramadan

“Where’s the Muslim outrage” about acts of terror, you sometimes hear westerners parrot. Well, what if the proper reaction wasn’t outrage, but love?

This ad, funded by mobile company Zain, is pretty interesting. A bomb-maker practices his hateful craft, but is confronted by musical messages of God’s love by Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi and actors representing well-known victims of terrorism (as well as a couple of real ones).

Time points out that one of these portrayals, of five-year-old Daqneesh, is controversial because his injuries were caused by a Syrian air strike.

The ad is airing during Ramadan, and while I’m not a religious person I do really appreciate when spirituality spreads love, not hate.

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