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A timely reminder for breast cancer screening

A timely reminder for breast cancer screening

This nice case study from London shows a great use of donated media in Euston Station, where some 2.8 million people will be exposed to intermittent “pinked” info messages, like the weather, sports results and time:


The Vimeo page explains:

“The screens are all linked and will be running live feeds showing the date, news, twitter feeds and the weather; detailing the little things that a lot of us check all the time.

Pink screens will flash up intermittently reminding consumers to check for signs of breast cancer alongside the many smaller things they check every day, featuring the strapline ‘You check a million and one things all the time. Make one of them your breasts.’ “

A nice and culturally relevant message and a surprising place to see it. Plus, no naked women, no booby jokes, and no nonsense.

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