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A weird, wild PSA about bootleg electronics

A weird, wild PSA about bootleg electronics

UK’s Electrical Safety Council

This bizarre ad from the UK’s Electrical Safety Council tries pretty hard to be Monty Python, but falls short. Nonetheless, I give it points for getting a serious public saftey message across using humour to get around people’s defences against “shock” ads:


Adfreak’s Gabriel Belrone quipped, “maybe it’ll get lucky and draw fire from PETA — the kind of charity troll that’s able to make an exploding-rodent tactic look sane by comparison”

Here’s the follow-up message on the ESC web site:

Don’t end up like Tara.

Everyone loves a bargain, but fake goods can and do put lives at risk. They almost always contain incorrect or faulty parts that can overheat or break just days after purchase, increasing the risk of fire, serious shock or even electrocution.

Faulty electrical goods are the number one cause of severe electric shock in the UK and cause thousands of house fires each year.

Sophisticated printing on packaging and labels mean that fakes are becoming increasingly hard to spot. And with many people going online to look for bargains, it is even easier for dodgy goods to slip through the net.

You might see cheap electrical goods as a bargain but if the product turns out to be fake these goods are, at best, a waste of money. At worst, they could result in a house fire, severe injury or even the death of a loved one.

Electrical Safety Council
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