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A well-done scary ad about running over children

A well-done scary ad about running over children


I’m no fan of shock tactics, but this one does it right. The shock is not shown in violence, but with quiet and subtlety. The innocent image of a child playing, combined with the chilling implication of the chalk outline, really hit me as a parent. And the message is simple and true. The World Health Organization says that Pedestrians have a 90% chance of surviving a car crash at 30 km/h or below, but less than a 50% chance of surviving an impact of 45 km/h or above. Speed — even moderate speed — really does kill.

Top Gear
Draftfcb, Amsterdam
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Peter Kusters

Art Director: Wouter Kampman

Copywriter: Marcel Haasdijk

Photographer: Roel Nederveen


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