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A wonderful ad about love

A wonderful ad about love

And what could be nicer than that?

How about “a wonderful ad about acknowledging everyone’s right to love”?


This PSA had me in tears, and I don’t even love other men in “that” way. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Just like with last year’s great campaign from Get Up! Action for Australia, the strength of this message lies in the way it portrays deep and passionate emotion that everyone can identify with.

Same-sex marriage is not yet legally recognized in the United Kingdom.  Last autumn, the UK government announced its intention to introduce a same-sex civil marriage bill, but a “Christian” organization calling itself “The Coalition for Marriage” is gathering support to oppose it. The Coalition for Equal Marriage is a response to this. According to the “about” page: “It was set up by two guys, Conor and James, in response to a much-publicised campaign attempting to derail the government’s plans to move toward greater equality for LGBT couples.”

See a behind-the-scenes video after the break.

Coalition for Equal Marriage
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