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Abuse is a never ending cycle #abusestopshere

Abuse is a never ending cycle #abusestopshere

A new campaign about abuse from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Esparza Advertising made this campaign for the Family Advocacy Center (FAC).

No complex interactive storylines or messages. Just “abuse is a never ending cycle – unless you choose to break it”.
That is what abuse victims need, a clear and powerful line. No vagueness.

The campaign contains a video, a print ad, 5 different billboards, a radio spot. And most important a well designed but basic website:
Good work!



Print ad:


Three from the five billboards:




Family Advocacy Center (FAC)
Esparza Advertising
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Adam Greenhood
ACD/Writer: Jeremy Spencer
Art Director: Zak Rutledge
Art Director: Julia Amirzadov
Production Company: Southwest Productions
Director: Dave Roberts
DP: Barry Kirk
Editor: Clark Morris, Thirty-second Street
Sound Design: Sid Fendley, Mountain Road Recording
Stylist/Make-up: Liz Marshall
Still Photography: Karen Kuehn

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