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ACLU Dash Button turns political anger into action

ACLU Dash Button turns political anger into action

Amazon Dash Buttons are physical buttons that allow you to order consumable items instantly  without opening a browser or app. American designer Nathan Pryor wondered, “Why reserve that instant gratification for physical goods? Why not push a button and do some real good?”

The result? A button Americans can push, every time their President makes them angry, to donate $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

It’s no secret that newly-elected President Donald Trump is a polarizing politician. And as his Executive Orders continue to test the US Constitution, the ACLU has pledged to use legal means to protect people’s rights. Last month, their lawyers sued the White House over a controversial immigration and travel ban. They won, but there are many challenges to come.

Donations to the ACLU have spiked in the past two months, with $24 Million (six times the annual average) raised in a single weekend. While a gimmicky microdonation button may not be needed at this point, I’m sure the ACLU enjoys more earned media.

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