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Adman save sharks even if they bite

Adman save sharks even if they bite

Adman Jose Mollá never thought much about sharks until one bit him on the leg five years ago, and he had to get 80 stitches. He’s been working to save them ever since and the two print and outdoor ads below is his most recent work.

The ads are made for Oceana and is about shark finning. he ads highlight the consequences of shark fin soup by placing familiar restaurant language – “soup or salad?” and “all you can’t eat” – alongside shocking images of finned sharks.

The campaign is running in Florida.

Oceana: Shark Finning All you can't eat

Oceana: Shark Finning Soup or Salad

Jose Mollá  – Chief Creative Officer and Copywriter
Aaron Zimroth – Copywriter
Aaron Willard  – Art Director
Daniel Gergely – Account Director
Andy Murillo – Producer
Andrea Hernandez – Project Manager
Massimo Leone – Designer

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