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Ads show men giving women their bodily fluids

Ads show men giving women their bodily fluids


Sorry for the headline, but it was the first thing my (ad-scarred and cynical) mind came up with when checking out this blood donation campaign for Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Colombia.

It’s a nice visual, but I was skeptical about how common those names are in Spanish. There is apparently a Mexican Playboy model named Jackeline Arroyo. (We anglos usually spell it “Jacqueline”) Alexandra, a Greek name, is also known in Spanish-speaking countries. But “Samantha”? I doubt anyone in Colombia would be able to pronounce it.

Can anyone confirm if this campaign ever ran in Spanish, in its home country? (And if it really increased donations by 10%?) Or was it just produced in English for awards entries and adblogs?

Two more executions after the break



Cruz Roja Colombiana
Leo Burnett Bogotá
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Officers: 
Mauricio Sarmiento, Fernando Hernandez
Creative Directors
: Camilo Carvajal, Andrés Hernández, Diego Almanza
: Camilo Carvajal
Art Directors / 
: Fabio Uribe, Diego Almanza
3d Producer: 
El Cisne, Santiago Tobón, Andrés Felipe Hernández, Mauricio Cañón
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