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Afghanistan: Missing your family

Afghanistan: Missing your family


The two ads above are made for the Afghan governement by Altai communications in collaboration with JWT.
In these images the Afghan militia is asked to disarm themself and to intergrate in society. The target audience is illiterate and without education. That’s the reason why there is limited use of perspective. Altai communication did research about that, people without education didn’t understand the use of perspective. I don’t know if that’s true. It’s hard to imagine for us.
The images of miltias are drawn as neutral as possible becuase tribal fights are still present.
First ad: Missing your family

Second ad: Tired of fighting


Altai was the first consulting and communications agency in Afghanistan. Since 2001 they are affiliated with JWT.
Under the regime of the Taliban visual communication and culture was strictly forbidden. Now, in the new Afghanistan, 50% of the people is younger than 15 years of age. Only one of three can read and write. That’s the reason why images and drawings are used in communication.

The ad below is about toll roads. Also in a very simple style with no perspective and bright colors are used.
Thanks to Creatie for the info.


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