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AfriCOBRA tribute

AfriCOBRA tribute

This video is part of the promotional campaign for legendary artist collective AfriCOBRA (the African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists). It is made by CDs/Directors Juan Delcan and Kenny Morrison from Nola Pictures in collaboration with TV Land.
The campaign, which is built around a pair of short documentaries for web use, also aired in :20, :30 and :60 interstitials throughout February. It features still shots, testimonials, existing news footage, and the artists’ colorful canvases. As individual artists, in original interviews, recount the founding of AfriCOBRA in 1960s Chicago and the historical context of racial and civil unrest from which it emerged, black-and-white newsreels deliver the riots, protests and boycotts of that era in poignant live action. The vibrant and powerful artwork stands out as even more extraordinary when juxtaposed alongside the scenes of the civil rights movement from which it flowered. The brief film flawlessly documents the group’s history from its genesis to the outstanding work that the collective produces to this day.

“AfriCOBRA is an extraordinary group that emerged at one of the pivotal points in modern America to produce some of the most uplifting artwork in our history,” stated Nola EP Charlie Curran. “Juan, Kenny, and the crew at TV Land connected with the artists and painted a portrait of a movement, the times and the inspiration that led to the artistic expression, and they struck just the right tone, both on the production end and piecing it all together with our editors. This is a grade-A showcase both of the sort of full-service, multi-dimensional studio that Nola has become and our ability to work seamlessly with first-rate clients.”

AfriCOBRA grew out of the late-60s creation of the “Wall of Respect,” a mural created by African-American artists that honored the Black heroes and leaders of that era. The clips feature the work and/or voices of many of AfriCOBRA’s most legendary artists, including Jeff Donaldson, Wadsworth Jarrell, Elaine “Jae” Jarrell, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Michael Harris, Carolyn Lawrence, and Howard Mallory, who collectively stress black independence and artistic self-determination.


Additional credits:
Agency: TV Land (in-house creative)
Executive Producer: Deva Newman
Art Director: Marc Nahas
Writer: Tracey Crooks
Production Manager: Christine Visel
Production Company: Nola Pictures
CD(s): Juan Delcan, Kenny Morrison
Director(s): Juan Delcan, Kenny Morrison
Photography: Kenny Morrison, Juan Delcan, Robert Sengstack
Executive Producer: Charlie Curran
Producer: Alec Sash
Editorial: Nola Pictures
Creative Director: Juan Delcan
Editor(s): Ruth Mamaril, Kat O’Reilly, Patrick Meegan
Producer: JJ Wilmoth
Original Music: Lester Lashley, Mwata Bowden, Avreeayl Ra
Audio: Gramercy Post
Mixer: Joel Raabe
Producer: Kitty Overton
Shoot Location: Chicago, Cleveland

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