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Afro Reggae

Afro Reggae


Great print from the Brazilian collective Afro Reggae.

The Afro Reggae Cultural Group (GCAR) was initiated in January 1993 with a newspaper called the Afro Reggae News – whose objective was to create a means to diffuse information aimed at valorizing and spreading black culture, specifically for youth connected to rhythms such as reggae, soul, hip hop, etc.

In 1993 they inaugurated their first Culture Community Center in the favela of Vigário Geral, which began to develop their social projects aiming to have a direct intervention with the Afro-Brazilian population. Soon after, this same center was consolidated through its first programs that included; dance, percussion, recycling, soccer and capoeira, which later opened the door to new commissions.

Since the beginning and until the present day the objective that defined their institutional mission was clear: To offer a cultural and artistic formation for the youth living in the favelas (shantytowns/ slums) as a means for them to create their own citizenship and have access to alternatives to narco-trafficking and menial jobs, and to furthermore transform themselves and empower other youths along the way.

With the passing of time, the projects began to be perfected, an institution began to grow, and results began to appear. In 1997, Afro Reggae inaugurated the Afro Reggae Cultural Center Vigário Legal, which was an important step in their history. With a physically well-structured space in their community, the work could be developed with bettor quality and planning. In this process this initiative became an attributing socio-cultural practice in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Visit the Afro Reggae website for more information, video’s and music.

Some photo’s of Afro Reggae at Flickr made by Tatiana Cardeal.

Image above: O samba nasceu no morro. O funk nasceu no morro. Qual é o problema do Pedro ter nascido no morro?
Samba was born in the mountains. Funk was born in the mountains. Which is the problem of Peter to have been born in the mountains?

Image middle: Você se acha muito diferente de um garoto do morro? Até nisso vocês são parecidos.
You think yourself too different of a slum kid? Even in this you are alike.

Image below: Nossas árvores genealógicas têm as mesmas raízes.
Our family trees have the same origin.



Afro Reggae

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