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Against Aids, every minute counts

Against Aids, every minute counts


At a set time, twice a day, the hands of these clock mechanisms come together and align to form a sentence, delivering the following message:
“Every 12 hours in Africa, over 2.000 people die from Aids because they have no access to care” (Toutes les 12 heures en Afrique, plus de 2.000 personnes meurent du Sida, Foute d’accès aux soins).
The association Solidarité Sida (Aids Solidarity) wants to alert Europeans to the necessity of acting quickly against this situation.
The outdoor installation, composed of 321 clock mechanisms, is created by BETC Euro RSCG in association with artist Nadine Grenier.


Solidarité Sida
BETC Euro RSCG, France
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director: Benjamin Le Breton
Copywriter: Arnaud Assouline
Account Management: Raphaël de Andréis, Xavier Royaux, Philippe Brandt, Elodie Andurand
Artist: Nadine Grenier
Outdoor: JCDecaux
Electrics: Labo Prod
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