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Aids doesn’t show

Aids doesn’t show

Back in December 1st, on World Aids Day, LOVE PLUS condoms brand promoted an interesting guerilla campaign with sampling of more than 1000 condoms (video below).

When going out, people often forgot about AIDS and just try to find the hottest partner, being carried away by the heat of the night. PSI Romania, a social marketing agency, figured a clever way to literally touch people in 4 pubs, posting invisible tags with the line “Aids dosen’t show” and the campaign logo. With the agreement of the club owners, at 12 o’clock, music stopped and the lights were shut down, replaced by UV lights. Surprise, surprise, you’ve been tagged.

The only thing missing on the stamp seems to be an URL, essential these days, specially for the current target.


Love Plus Condoms
PSI Romania
Additional credits:
Creative Director : Jorg Riommi
Copywriters : Andrei Nica & Sorana Caracudovici
Art Directors : Daniela Nedelschi & Vladimir Chirca
Client Service: Mihail Lucanu
Post-production: Chainsaw Europe

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