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Ajude os super-heróis

Ajude os super-heróis


Although these Brazilian ads are not really nonprofit (The governement wants you to pay taxes) I like the comic style.
These ads are from the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar, the Military Fire Corps.

Translation of the copy:
Big orange title: Help the real world super heros to save lives. Pay the fire tax.

White box of text: When you pay the fire tax, you’re helping the biggest heros of our society to save many lives. Your contribution is essencial to reequip the fire-men corps in the area of rescue, combat and prevention of fires, with ambulances, helicopters, vehicles, uniforms and hoses among others.

Yellow box of text: Save lives whitout risking your own. Pay the fire tax

Car box: And now… Pay your taxes on date and win a car.


Many thans to Carla Ribeiro for the translation.


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